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Witness: The photo is actually from the aluminum factory spill that happened back in October in Hungary. Very toxic.

This article explains

My father received an email from a friend living just outside Budapest with the exact photo about 2 days after the spill. This kitten was photographed in Devecser.

No happy ending. Just source.

Edit: Lots of animals were saved. This one was most likely saved right after said photo.


  1. Nekropancser /

    I am overwhelmed… If humans suffer, alright… it is awful. But we were the ones, who caused all this. Our own weakness… but the little ones didn’t deserve all this, no fish deserved to burn alive in their waters, and no pets deserved, whom we ourselves care for, keep around, deserved to live this.

  2. Oh God!!! It breaks my heart!!!! I hope they didn’t let her thare after taking the pic!!!

  3. lilly /

    this brings tears to my eyes every time i look at it.
    its so sad to see it so sad and only wanting to feel safe again. i can feel the suffering in his eyes and the terror it must have gone through. this is a picture that will always be burned in my head.

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