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Heroic Squirrel Saves Her Baby

For a moment, this dog believed that he got very nice piece of meat when he caught that little squirrel baby. But, suddenly, something jumped on him and took it’s attention while little squirrel managed to escape. Heroic squirrel mother acted very brave in this situation and saved her baby’s life by an heroic act that deserves lot of respect. Some people could learn a lot of from this squirrel.



  1. Ali Oaz /

    Motherhood power can do magic. Never underestimate the size. The courage and strategy have the final say. However, this dog looks stupid.

    • shutup /

      The dog was not acting out of malice, it’s just what animals do. You look stupid.

      • Agreed /

        Crackup, but you’re right. It’s just the everyday struggle of survival of the fittest. Animals don’t have the human characteristics you think they do, stop watching Pixar movies.

    • Oriana /

      The dog didn’t think he found a “nice piece of meat”, he thought he found a toy – his body language denotes his wish to play.

      • SOBEIT /

        I completely agree with Oriana. The dog’s body language had “wants to play” all over it.

        • MaryMc /

          I hardly think it would matter to the squirrel, after the “playful” dog was through and the squirrel was dead!

      • Gaddafi /

        Very true indeed Well observed

      • Emily /

        Thanks for that dog whisperer

      • raju.soundhar /

        yep, i agree with u!

      • mackenzielizabeth /

        That was definitely my first thought! Too bad the poor little squirrels were terrified of his good intentions.

    • The dog was playing not attacking the squirrel, though if he had picked it up and shook it certainly could have killed it. What I liked was the precision claw to the eye. It’s as if the squirrel had martial arts training.

    • Becky /

      yeah the dog is like “WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!” in the end picture! XD

  2. TLX /

    Ali, that last bit of your comment made me crack up!

  3. umm /

    While this is an amusing story, it’s not heroic. It’s a squirrel acting on instinct to protect her young.

    They’re animals doing what animals do. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Malaclypse /

      No more heroic than a human mother saving her human child from any danger source, agreed. Animal instincts, that’s all any of us possess.

  4. anon /

    Yes, we can all learn from this squirrel. When facing a dog, go for the eyes!

  5. Aidan /

    So, instead of this person getting the dog to leave the defenseless baby squirrel alone, he/she decided to take pictures. Noice.

  6. blah /

    Humans, too busy taking pictures and chastising others on their blog post to help a defenseless animal…

    • defending /

      Seeing as the baby squirrel survived I’d say it wasn’t defenceless.

  7. And then the squirrel is tracked down and killed to check for rabies. -Murphey’s Law

  8. Pariah /


    I’m not so selfless that I would risk a dog bite to save a squirrel. Dogs don’t tend to appreciate strangers walking up and taking their meal.

    If it was my dog it would be a different story. I know she would let me take it away, but you never know how a strange dog may react.

  9. Pariah /

    That being said- I’m glad the squirrel got away. That dog is obviously not starving so this wasn’t a matter of survival, just leftover instinct.

    The last picture is really sweet. Lucky baby squirrel.

  10. MILK /

    The first picture shows the dog in a play stance. The dog was wanting to play with it or it would have done away with the baby squirrel when it had the chance. Instead of looking at it in playful curiosity, it could have had it in its mouth.

  11. haley /

    damn why are people being so god damned cynical? ever heard of maternal instinct? it’s still courageous even though it was out of instinct, everything humans do out of instinct makes them heroes, just because a fucking squirrel saved her child doesn’t mean you can chalk it all up to instinct, even a human would pause for a second in fear at the sight of her child getting attacked by a grizzly bear. and would be courageous for attacking that grizzly bear. which would be about the size in comparison of the dimensions of a squirrel and a dog.

  12. bill /

    thats like that adrenaline that like activates when babies are under cars and like the mother like lifts up a truck to save them

  13. alicat /

    What im wondering is why the person taking the photos didnt try to save the squirell?

  14. The dog was wanting to play. The squirrel was very brave. I’m an avid amateur photographer, and I would have forgotten about the photo opportunity and made every effort to stop the playful dog from accidentally hurting the baby squirrel. My two dogs are Rottweilers and think that everything that moves is a toy, and they have never bitten any other creature. They would have barked at the baby squirrel in an effort to get it to run away so they could play chase. Either way, I would have stopped any dog from playing with a baby animal because a big dog doesn’t realize its own strength and size. The last squirrel photo is the best one of the group.

    • Candy /

      TC I agree with you, that would have been my first reaction too, I even interfere with my cats catching birds, can`t stand it even if it is their instict to catch birds.

  15. Loraly /

    I love how everyone is saying they would have stopped the dog, but in all reality how many of you have every been biten by a dog? Not to mention the little thing called the circle of life if the baby squirel was to die then yea it would suck but thats nature, it happens. So how about you people get over it and enjoy the great timing of these photographs.

  16. Shuy /

    If everyone reacted to save the squirrel we wouldn’t have photographers who catch amazing moments that we enjoy looking at so very much.

  17. XxRedDragonessxX /

    i dont think the mother gave a shit if the dog was playing or not…if u saw ur child near a very large and dangerous animal that had its full attention on him/her ud want them to get away asap no matter what the cost…idiots…

  18. skully /

    awwwww, mothers rock!!!!! poor baby squirrel…..

  19. MDotShip /

    That dog as one said is clearly playing with as it is doing a play bow if it were a more aggressive dog both the mother and baby would’ve been destroyed easily.

  20. Bell /

    This is not heroic. It’s a flipping squirrel, acting on instinct to save her baby.

  21. epichfallen /

    This reminds me one of the God of War combos lol.

  22. Derek /

    its a bit like over the hedge

  23. Matty /

    This is a nice story. Why does everybody have to find some kind of fault and moan about it? Ps- before some failure smart arse tries to call irony on me, I’m moaning about your comments, not the post.

  24. ummmm yes /

    I love the expression on the squirrel’s face in the first picture…*Gasp* “OH, Hell no!” then she employs ninja squirrel tactics.

  25. Sandi /

    I like your statement ummmm yes. Out side of that. This mother was just doing the oldest law. Mother protecting her young. If the dog was not wanting to play, do not think that mother would not have come out on top. Never get in the way of a mother who is protecting her baby or babies. Father’s can also be just as ready to defend their own. Saw a father quail here in Cal. chasing a fox to get it away from the mother and babies. It was pecking the tail of the fox. It did not matter that the fox could turn around and make a one bite meal of the quail. I did not have a camera handy, but since I use a walker, I could not do anything else but watch and hope for the best.

  26. Coben /

    Well…we can see whom is the Conservative and whom are the democrats/liberals from the comments!

    My dog would love to play with this squirrel and often “plays” hunter with the rabbits that wander into my yard. His posture is exactly the same. The game ends with the “shriek” from the rabbit and a “crunch” of it’s head, followed by some frantic head shaking with the now dead bunny in his mouth. Blood and guts EVERYWHERE!

    Good game, Shiloh, good game!

  27. Application of human emotions and characteristics to lower creatures. All three were just acting on instinct. The dog, as a carnivore, was just acting on it’s instinct to hunt other creatures. The mother squirrel’s instinct for self-preservation was simply overcome by her instinct to protect her offspring. They’re animals, they don’t think like us. Humans, however, are terrified of the unknown, so we apply our own limited comprehension to the things we don’t comprehend, usually ending up with false conclusions, but they make us feel better, I suppose.

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